Using a lighter to remove stringing from parts | AG3D Testing | 3D Printing Tips


From my experience 3D printing, there are many times when you 3D print a part but it requires some extra work to clean it up afterwards. You can refine your machine and tweak settings to get it to print perfectly, but I’ve found it more efficient to make sure a model(s) 3D prints properly and then find new techniques to save time and thus money.

So when I heard from a friend that you could use a lighter to clean up the stringing on my 3D printed parts, a lightbulb went off in my head - let’s try that this weekend! So here we are…

The model I’m using is called the Iron Throne Flat Brick Base model and was created by Woody2552. It’s available to download for free on Thingiverse here!

This is a test. I literally setup a camera and tried the technique for the first time with you. You can tell my approach changes throughout the video to make sure that I’m only increasing the temperature enough to make those strings melt, and not burn. We also did his outside because there’s no reason to inhale concentrations of plastic combustion products if you can help it.

At the end of testing, the technique worked about 65% of the way - which is still a major decrease in my time spent cleaning up parts. This means more value for the customer, less time spent working on parts, and more profit for us. This can also be a technique in your toolbox of tricks when you are 3D printing at home and want to ‘save’ a print. Believe me, no one wants to 3D print something more than once if they can help it.

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