3D Printed Deadpool Knife Holder (with timelapse!)

I made this Deadpool Knife holder for my brother to hold all his knives for cooking and because he's a mega-Deadpool fan. I can't thank BrittLiv enough for the great instructable (you can find it here:

This model was scaled down from it's original size so that I could print it in one solid piece on my Prusa i3 MK2. As BrittLiv's instructable shows, I used rectangle models measured to fit my brother's knives into and cut those out of the original model to create slots for each knife.

For 3D printing on the Prusa i3 MK2, used a larger nozzle size (0.60mm vs. 0.40mm) and a larger layer height (300 vs. from. 200 microns) to get the final part printed in just under 20 hours. After removing the supports I used a few coats of red spray paint. Then, I used acrylic paint for the mask details.

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